The NSW State Government on 30 September 2021 announced an extension to the NSW COVID-19 JobSaver Payment and Micro Business Grant for eligible recipients. Both programs will end on 30 November 2021.  

JobSaver Changes 

The NSW COVID-19 JobSaver Payment will change and gradually reduce after 10 October 2021 to the end date of 30 November 2021. This is to coincide with NSW reaching the 80% double vaccination target and the lifting of restrictions.   

The current JobSaver Payment is based on 40% of the weekly NSW payroll with a minimum of $1,500 per week to a maximum of $100,000 per week for employing eligible businesses.  

 Eligible non employing businesses (such as a sole trader) are entitled to $1,000 per week.  

The table below shows the new payment amounts under the extension:

JobSaver  Dates

Share of  weekly payroll

Weekly payment range

(paid fortnightly)

Weekly payments to non-employing

business (paid fortnightly)

 Current 40% $1,500 to $100,000 $1,000
 After 10 October 30% $1,125 to $75,000 $750
 At 80% double dose   15% $562.50 to $37,500 $375
 From 30 November 0% $0 $0


Eligible large tourism, hospitality, and recreation businesses may be entitled to more than outlined above.  

Micro Business Grant Changes

 The current NSW COVID-19 Micro Business Grant amount is $1,500 per fortnight.  

The Micro Business Grant payment amounts will reduce after NSW reaches the 80% double dose vaccination target and will cease on 30 November 2021.  

The table below shows the new payment amounts under the extension:

JobSaver Dates Fortnightly Payment 
 Current  $1,500
 After 10 October $1,500
 At 80% double dose   $750
 From 30 November $0


The eligibility requirements will need to be satisfied by recipients of the NSW COVID-19 JobSaver Payment and NSW 2021 COVID-19 Micro-Business Grant throughout the duration of the programs.  


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