How important is it to you to engage a trusted advisor?

Research has shown that public trust in the financial sector is plummeting, however a Trust Survey conducted in 2018 by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) resulted in 75% of respondents rating accountants as the fifth most trusted profession, with medical doctors rated as the most highly trusted group on the list.

Engaging a Chartered Accountant that you can trust allows business owners, investors and various stakeholders to rely on information they receive to make informed financial and strategic, business and investment decisions.

Here are 12 qualities a Chartered Accountant should possess to establish, build and maintain trust.

The Ability to Develop Strong Professional Relationships

Communication is key to developing a strong trusted relationship. In today’s world we find ourselves engaging in increased digital contact, however, face to face contact can help strengthen relationships.


Acting honestly and providing honest advice allows stakeholders to rely on that advice to make appropriate judgements and without fear of biased reporting.


An ethical accountant plays a vital role in ensuring public trust in financial reporting and business practices are maintained, benefiting their stakeholders by providing sound and ethical advice.

Private Data Protection

An accountant that has documented policies and procedures in place ensures business and client data is protected.


An accountant with integrity will be straight forward in all professional and business relationships.


Acting objectively ensures your accountant will not compromise professional or business judgements.

Professional Competence

The requirements for Chartered Accountants to engage in ongoing training and development ensures they attain and maintain professional knowledge and skill to provide advice to stakeholders based on current technical and professional standards and relevant legislation.


Accountants gain trust by putting their stakeholders and clients above all else in their own business.

Professional Behaviour

Complies with relevant laws and regulations whilst avoiding any conduct which would discredit the accounting profession.


Maintaining relationships with clients that go beyond business and technology.

Experience and Reflection

By reflecting on and sharing past experiences, this allows stakeholders to instil trust in their accountant.

Identify and Eliminate Conflicts of Interest

An accountant that identifies and eliminates conflicts of interest will act independently and with objectivity.

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